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Today NIIneftetruby LLC is one of the leading organizations in Russia and the CIS engaged in the production development and attainment of the required operational properties of pipe products. The competence of the testing laboratory has been repeatedly confirmed by the Federal Accreditation Service for compliance with the requirements of GOST ISO / IEC 17025
NIIneftetruby LLC is a member of the TK357 committee, subcommittee 7, as well as an approved supplier of TMK Group enterprises. It is a member of the chamber
of commerce and the community of drilling contractors. The company is included in the list of approved service providers of Rosneft Oil Company JSC and is also
involved in the development and improvement of national and state standards.

Centre for Applied Materials

The main types of work carried out by the center

Determination of customer material compliance with regulatory requirements

- visual measuring control;
- chemical composition;
- mechanical properties;
- geometric analysis of threaded joints.

Identification of the causes of premature failure of oilfield pipes and equipment

- analysis of operating conditions;

- calculation of operational loads and stress state;
- calculation of the residual life of the product;
- metal physical analysis using an inverted microscope;
- metal physical analysis using SEM;
- phase analysis of corrosion products;
- fractographic analysis of destruction areas;
- energy dispersive analysis;
- element-by-element mapping.

Corrosion tests

- resistance to general corrosion;
- resistance to intergranular corrosion;
- physicochemical composition of the aqueous phase of the operating environment;
- content of dissolved gases in the operating environment;
- the presence of adhesive forms of sulfate-reducing bacteria;
- steel grades under the conditions of the Customer;
- corrosion inhibitors;
- iron, mechanical impurities and the concentration of chloride salts in the operating environment;

Bench Test Centre

The main types of work carried out by the center

  • Tests for axial tensile and compressive forces
  • Test of alternating bending
  • Tests to determine the tightness of the product when creating internal or external hydrostatic pressure
  • Tests to determine the tightness of the product when creating an internal pneumatic pressure
  • Tests for joint effects of tensile/compression and torsion loads
  • Tests for power screwing-unscrewing of threaded connections
  • Tests to determine the amount of wear of the threaded connections in tubing during multiple cycles of screwing and unscrewing
  • Tightness test of a threaded connection when combined with axial force and internal pressure
  • Tightness tests when creating internal hydraulic pressure and bending load
  • Tests of thermocyclic effects under simultaneous effects of bending moment and internal pressure

Center for Scientific and Engineering Support

The main types of work carried out by the center

— Development of regulatory and technical documentation for new products
— Development of operational documentation
— Development of threaded connections
— Audit
— Services

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Antipov Yuri Nikolaevich

Office phone: +7 (846) 202-54-06

Samsonov Maxim Sergeevich

Technical Director
Office phone: +7 (846) 202-54-06
Mobile phone: + 7-927-008-47-49

Antipova Elena Anatolievna

Deputy General Director for General Affairs and Human Resources
Mobile phone: +7-927-746-12-81

Rybakov Anton

Head of the Centre for Applied Materials
Office phone: +7 (846) 202-54-06
Mobile phone: +7-937-980-93-24

Agafonov Pavel Vladimirovich

Head of the Bench Test Centre
Office phone: +7 (846) 202-54-06
Mobile phone: + 7-987-943-71-58

Zhivaeva Natalya Mikhailovna

Chief Accountant
Office phone: +7 (846) 202-54-06

Safronov Vyacheslav Yuryevich

Head of the Legal Department
Office phone: +7 (846) 202-54-06

Our address: Zavodskoye shosse, 13d, Samara, Russia, 443022
Opening hours:
8:00 — 16:30
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